Here are some of the real users testimonial on Green Magma and are reproduced here to illustrate the benefits of Green Magma barley grass powder juice.

Please bear in mind that these testimonials represent a simple, volunteer response from the public, not controlled scientific test cases, and must be read in that light.

"Green Magma is a magnificent product, I've been taking it for nearly a month. It has improved my bowel movement. I feel energetic all day long and it has also help reduced my joint problems. There is also improvement in my skin conditions. I experience dry skin  and scalling on the face, now it has improved and my skin is more moisturised and radiant."                 

                                                                                                                          Maswati - Pharmacist

 "The first drink that I will take immediately after waking up in the morning is a cup of Green Magma. I have been doing this for a few months now. The most obvious benefit which I observe is the reduction in my waist size and an increase in enegry level as I feel more energetic throughout the day. Other noticeable effects include better mental clarity and regular bowel movement." 
                                                                                                Lee Chun Hong - Accountant

“After a blood pressure checkup, my reading showed 158/100 which was higher than normal. A friend of mine recommended Green Magma to me, after consuming it for 3 months, my blood pressure reading decreased to 112/76. Thanks to Green Magma I am able to control my blood pressure level now." 
Frances Yeapan – Restaurant Manager

“I  had started taking Green Magma 6 months ago before I sat for my STPM examination. I took Green Magma every morning before breakfast. I have discovered that after consuming Green Magma I am able to study better as my memory and concentration started to improve subsequently. I can also pay greater attention in class especially in the mornings and late afternoons, further more I feel more alert and fresh in school. Besides that, Green Magma has also improved my skin and face complexion. My skin is now more softer and moisturised, even my pimples have subsidised. Moreover, my immune system has also improved as I do not catch morning flu anymore after consuming Green Magma for a week only."  
Lawrence Loy – Student

“I used to feel weak and tired easily. I also experinced back pains and my cholesterol level is higher than normal. I was introduced to to Green Magma by a friend and I strated taking it twice a day. After 3 months, my energy level increased, back no longer ached and my cholesterol level is back to normal." 

Ng Chee Wah - Government Servant

“I am a cancer patient, who have completed my chemotherapy sessions a month ago. The session has resulted in me having a low blood count and hence feeling tired easily. A pharmacist has then recommended  Green Magma to me, after about a month consuming Green Magma I feel more energetic now."

Abdul Muin Aziz– Engineer

“I' have been addicted to Green Magma due to the benefits it has given me, Green Magma has helped relieved my constipation and indigestion problems. Wind problems in my stomach has also been eliminated, and I feel more energetic."

                                                                                            Christine Kong - Office Admin

“Green Magma boost's my immunity. It protects me from common cold attack, I recover faster than usual after consuming Green Magma. Green Magma also had helped relieved my allergic problems. I have been consuming it for 5 years now."

                                                                                                           I.O See - Health Service

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